Ready for a new Shaq Fighting Game? Shaquille O’Neal Trademarks “Shaqfighter”!

The wait is over “Shaqfighter” a possible sequel to “Shaq-fu” may be on its way as Shaqfighter is Trademarked and Shaq-fu is renewed.

At the height of the 16-bit video game craze crappy video games releases were the norm. In an attempt to get a piece of the monumental success of titles such as Mortal Kombat  and Street Fighter, a small and now defunct software company released a title which many have tried to forget, “Shaq-Fu”. The terrible game featured a cast of characters created exclusively for the game and starred Shaquille O’Neal. For the few that loved the game and have been waiting for a follow-up you may just get your wish.

On May 8th, Mine O’Mine, Inc, company owned by Shquille O’Neal, filed for a Trademark on “Shaq-Fighter”. Exciting news no doubt, does this mean another video game starring Shaq is coming to a store near you? A simple search of the USPTO TESS system reveals that Shaq-Fighter is a trademark which will be used on electronic game software, online gaming software, a website, and printed manuals for electronic games. The applications shows that Mine O’Mine has filed the mark on an “intent to use” basis, which means that they have not filed for full registration but filing for protection in case the company and Shaq decide to go forward with plans selling a video game under the mark.  The application is the only document on file with the USPTO at this time so we don’t know if Shaq Fighter will actually be granted ITU (intent to use) protection.

In addition to Shaq-Fighter, it seems the Shaq-Fu trademark is in the registration process as well. Shaq-fu has also been filed as an ITU application and under the same classes as Shaq-Fighter. Who knows when you will see these titles at your local gaming boutique but at least we can track the application process.  Your probably won’t see Shaq Fighter at this year’s E3. Darn!



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