This Week in Soft IP News

Sorry its been so long since an update, but here is this weeks top stories in Soft Intellectual Property

Rightfully so, “Against the Grain Gourmet Foods” asks a federal court to order “Against All Gain” to abandon all claims to the name. More reasons to hire a qualified attorney to help with marketing plans and brand protection. Full Story

Harper Lee sues museum in her hometown alleging Trademark infringement and cyber-squatting. How many lawsuits has the author filed this year? Full Story

Van Halen sues Ex-Wife for trademark infringement for using her own name on blankets, furniture, construction services and interior design. Full Story

Must SCOTUS give deference to the TTAB decisions in findings of Trademark Infringement? We may soon find out. Full story

Uhh, sorry no, you can’t trademark Obamacare. Nice try. Full Story

A giant finally dies, ISO Hunt shutting down operation and Gary Fung Settles for $110 million. Full Story

I guess offensive is still offensive, Portland band “The Slants” is denied trademark registration. Full Story